Photographs that are true to life, minutely detailed and extremely brilliant

The most popular motifs in the photography of nature are the wide-angle landscape and the macro image. The latter poses a particular challenge for lenses in that they have to capture all of Mother Nature’s details in a close-up that completely fills the frame.

In such situations the camera needs to capture the most minute details and transmit them to the image sensor. For this you need a lens that has high image resolution, allowing a maximum amount of structural detail to be captured with high contrast across the entire image.

Likewise of crucial importance for nature close-ups is that colours be reproduced accurately. This is where Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon lenses come in – again. These lenses are made of high-quality glass that allows the lens to capture natural detail in all its richness and sharpness, without colour distortion, and in a manner that efficiently suppresses colour aberration thanks to the use of low-dispersion ED glass.

Image Caption

The result: pictures that deliver true, rich colours and exhibit outstanding brilliance, reproducing details with sharpness and precision across the entire frame.