Correct. „Impeccable“ pictures, even under daunting light conditions

Backlight is one of the most daunting – but also exciting – situations a photographer can face. In order to take aesthetically pleasing pictures in the presence of backlight, you need a camera that can capture the nuances of the light characteristics in the various areas of the image. Unfortunately, precise light meter readings and an image sensor that masterfully handles contrast are not enough in such situations, as it’s also crucial that distinct, high-quality image data reaches the image sensor.

That’s where the Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon lenses integrated in Kodak EasyShare digital cameras come into play. For one thing, Variogon lenses have a high-quality coating that allows for superb image contrast and avoids undesirable reflection and refraction. And what’s more, Variogon lenses exhibit extremely low dispersion – a characteristic that is also found in professional cameras.

The ED glass used in Schneider lenses efficiently suppresses undesirable light dispersion and at the same time minimises undesirable colour fringes (chromatic aberrations) which often occur with wide focal length shots using zoom lenses and can reduce image sharpness.

The result: sharp pictures with a high contrast and good distinction in all zoom ranges.

The specimen photo clearly illustrates the positive impact Variogon lenses have on image quality. Despite backlighting, the picture is free of light dispersion and the people in the picture can be clearly distinguished from the background. In addition, backlit pictures are often not the result of the photographer’s creative acumen but instead are simply necessitated by the fact that the subject could not be positioned in a manner that would have avoided backlight. This applies to group portraits, as well as pictures of buildings, trees and mountains.

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The result: pictures that show everything that’s important.