Image Quality

A number of factors determines image quality: sharpness, colour brilliance, contrast, absence of white shading and little or no distortion. A modern digital lens needs to meet all of these requirements in order to achieve outstanding results. Schneider Variogon lenses are more than up to the challenge.


One of the secrets of successful portrait photographs is depth of field. The key area of the image, which is often the eyes, should always be in focus…

Straight to the point


In order to take pictures with creative lighting for indoor and outdoor events, you need a camera that can capture the lighting in each area of the image…

Image contrast and dispersed light


The most popular motifs in the photography of nature are the wide-angle landscape and the macro image. For this you need a lens that has high image resolution…

Sharpness across the entire shot

On Vacation

It’s no easy matter to get a fresh photographic take on familiar locations. Distortion-free pictures are particularly important for architectural photographs…

Image and colour distortion