Photography for You

A picture is only as good as the person who takes it. But though you may have the eye of a Cartier-Bresson, it won’t do you much good unless you’ve got the right camera technology. We’ll provide the best-possible “eye” for your camera. Let us show you what all this means.

A strong team

Nothing is more successful than a team of strong partners who are on the same wavelength. In the case of the partnership between Kodak and Schneider-Kreuznach,…

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Lenses for Kodak

Schneider-Kreuznach has decades of experience with top quality ultra-zoom lenses. In the case of Kodak EasyShare cameras, this is reflected by …

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Image quality

The biggest challenge for compact camera lenses is to provide consistently high image quality in all sorts of photographic situations. We show …

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Looking back to the future

The digital revolution has completely changed camera technology. Things of lasting value have thus become all the more important. Our partnership with…

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Fun facts

This section contains some interesting and amusing facts for your entertainment. Have fun!

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