Outstanding expertise and an extensive portfolio: the professional segment

Sophisticated photo-optic technology calls for outstanding results in research and development. As a company that for many decades has been developing and manufacturing high-end optical systems for an extremely broad range of professional applications, Schneider-Kreuznach invests a substantial proportion of its resources in research, development and high-precision testing procedures.

The result is a broad spectrum of pioneering lenses for numerous professional applications. The portfolio ranges from prize-winning camera lenses for professional photographers to specialised lenses for industrial and research applications to lenses for digital movie projectors and TV cameras.

Technology transfer within the group: the key to our success

Schneider-Kreuznach lenses for amateur users also benefit from the extensive expertise that goes into the company’s professional lenses. In designing the Variogon lens for Kodak EasyShare compact cameras, Schneider-Kreuznach has drawn upon its experience in the design of high-precision, Variogon ultra-zoom lenses for television.

All Variogon lenses are composed of lens elements with aspheric surfaces. Schneider-Kreuznach counts as one of the world’s technological leaders in this field and thanks to the use of magnetorheological finishing for lens surfaces (MRF) achieves a level of precision that is unmatched – so much so that an aspheric Variogon lens the size of a football pitch would deviate from the calculated ideal by just a few microns.

Variogon: a name and seal of quality

Whereas aspheric lens for the most part eliminate spherical aberrations, white shading and distortions in sharpness at image edges, ED glass lens elements minimise undesirable light dispersion and chromatic aberrations. Thus with ultra-compact Variogon lenses, loss-prone corrections by camera software are needed to only a very minor extent. The result is high contrast, robust brightness, sharpness, and superb colour saturation across the entire image field. In combination with Kodak’s sensor technology and in-camera data processing expertise, Variogon lenses provide pictures of unparalleled quality in the compact camera segment.