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Lens and art: the SK Gallery

The lens relates to photo art as the brush relates to painting: on their own, even the best optical components in the world aren’t able to create an image. Yet without the right tool the work won’t come into being. Despite the fact or perhaps indeed because they can’t exist without each other, technology and culture have traditionally had a strained relationship. Schneider-Kreuznach brings both worlds together at the SK Gallery. Since 2008 the company has been exhibiting works from selected photographic artists at its head office in Bad Kreuznach on a regular basis.

After each exhibition (which is free of charge for visitors), Schneider-Kreuznach purchases two exhibits for the collection of the new SK Gallery.

2010: Sebastian Denz –Skateboarding.3D

The stereoscopic photographs from the urban skateboarding scene work through the conflict between frozen action and a public space that appears staged. Following exhibitions in Hamburg, Berlin and New York, the 3D photographs are now on show in Bad Kreuznach.

2009: Martin Blume – “Photographische Novellen” (photographic short stories)

Martin Blume’s “Photographische Novellen” are contemplative fine art studies in black and white that captivate viewers with their decelerated look that is open to interpretation.

2008: Manoel Nunes – “Die neuen Menschen” (the new people)

Manoel Nunes took the photographs for his utopian social documentary portrait cycle, entitled “Die neuen Menschen”, during a journey across his native country, using a view camera and Schneider-Kreuznach lens systems.